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How do drivers make money with Uber Eats

Like Uber, the most revolutionized on-demand transport industry, this Company is now looking to make a wave in standard and useful food delivery space with its Uber Eats Network

Uber Eats APP. Soon introducing the User to make an order food with just a single button click. It is Convenient, very less expensive and reliable delivery service as like Postmates and DoorDash a run for their money.

How Uber Eat App Work:

Uber Eat app is very much similar to the Uber ride-hailing app in the sense that there the User gets the ride, however, rather than receiving the trip from drivers, User can receive the food at his desired location.
‘It’s a simple, yet Number of Users is using this App and paying Uber Eat server and delivery fees in exchange of ease.

Once you login into the App, you can Select various food items depending on your mood as well as your favorite nearby restaurant. After the selected restaurant will get your order automatically and begin preparing your food. After that, the Uber Eats delivery partner will be sent with that parcel to deliver the order at a specific location.

How does is Work for delivery partners:

Making money as an Uber Ears delivery Partner is quite easy. You must face following these three steps to do so.



      There are two primary methods to -sign-up in Uber Eats Driver. If you have never driven uber service before, visit this Uber.com page complete this sign-up process in minutes. During this whole process, you will be asked to create a new account if you ‘don’t have, send your documents (License and proof insurance) and other essential information.

The second way to sign-up to be an uber eats driver is receiving to anyone who is already earning as an uber rideshare diver. All you need to this, open Uber eats driver App into your phone and follow these steps. 

  1. Move down the message that you read “Get more request by upgrading to delivery” and select this one I want to do this. 
  2. Open your App and go to menu choose the amount and then choose car options.

In both cases, you will receive a prompt message. If you are not getting either of these two options on your uber eats drive App, you can also choose it within the Delivery section of partnet.uber.com when you log in.

Receive and complete a Delivery request

Once you have opted into Uber Eats Driver, you will start receiving delivery Request. When you are online on Uber Eats Driver app, you will get delivery opportunities through App when a local user places the order. Once you get the request to grab your Car bike os whatever vehicle you were select while making your account and head to the restaurant to pick up the order and after picking up order navigation of the User will be shown to your mobile phone. Meanwhile, it will also happen into your Customer phone. In some cases, you might be given the multiple ‘restaurant’s locations nearby, and you can pick those order also with the first one and deliver to its consumer.

Earn Money

Since transaction and the credit Cart payments are controlled through the App, Uber Eats Driver. This delivery process is straightforward for the partners. As Soon as your deliveries are completed, you will see how much you have earned “Total Earning” to the Section on your Earning Tab. You can also get the tips from the customers if you dot get it immediately.

The Driver pay is base on the total cost of orders which can vary base on the Few factors similar to the cost of an Uber Ride. These include app pick-up fee, drop-off fee, delivery fee, mileage fee, surge price also be applied on the delivery in a particular location is high, and small cart fees can also be charged if the ‘User’s order is less than minimum amount.. 

In some cases you will receive the direct through the bank, However Uber Eats Delivery partners who registered their debit card can crash out up to 5 times daily.

Uber Eats Delivery Requirements

Eligible criteria for Uber Eats.

  • You have at least 19 years of age (18, if the bike delivery is allowed in your area)
  • You must have a driver license, insurance, and ‘vehicle’s registration.
  • Have at least one year of experience.
  • Be able to lift at least 30 pounds. 

Driver must have a vehicle that fits the Uber Eats Delivery Requirements. And your car or any vehicles must be less than 15 years, insured your registration state and good condition. The only way to bypass these requirements if the bike or scooter delivery is available in your city. Uber Eats Delivery is now currently hundreds of cities throughout the world. Including New York, Los Angelas. Check out the full list of those cities where Uber Eats Delivery is available.

If you are already a member of Uber Rideshare and Uber Eats Delivery is now available in your city you can get to this facility within your same portal, you ‘don’t need to make a different account to get this feature.

Uber Eats Order Types:

While delivering the customer food order, you can expect the two options. (curbside delivery or walk-in delivery).

Different cities have their own term and condition about to select which one you have to select. To find out your, check out your city form the Uber Eats Website and find you city name. You will see there which one is available.

Curbside Delivery

When you pick up the customer location for this type of Uber Eats delivery they will be able to find and instruct you vis Uber Eats App. You are able to remain in your car and hand them their order without having to get out. This Is more easiest way for the driver without leaving his cars, Search for packing, and get on foot to find the Customer residence or office.

Walk-in delivery

This type of delivery falls in order for most typical food delivery. When you arrive at the customer location. You will walk into their office. Lobby and up to the door to meet with him and deliver his food with this hand. It is best to inform your Customer as you are arriving so they don’t have to endure any long wait for their food.


Uber Eats Delivery: A solid income way

In Conclusion, adding the Uber Eats Delivery into your portfolio is diversifying your income stream and provide more ways of making money by their own custom schedule. It is especially convenient if you are already Uber diver- you can seamlessly mix both of driving types in the same App and earn extra cash.


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