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How To Spend Time Together In COVID-19?

Spending Time Will Give You A Strong Relationship & Benefits

No one can say when our extra family time will come to an end. But through the challenges that come with quarantining when we saw each other so much less. Spend time together, having meaning more enjoyment, more laughter, more bonding, and more meaningful conversation than before all this.

COVID-19 may cause the worse tragedy we ever experienced in our lifetime; therefore, we should take the best advantage of this time. The more we learn the ways of spending time together, the more we will have the chance to stay away from this virus.

Ways of how to spend time together

Time management reflects the healthy life pattern of a person. Therefore it is very much essential to reveal your time management in the COVID-19 attack. The following are some of the ways and ideas to spend time together nowadays.

1-Time with children:

The most important asset is always our children. No one can deny this fact that a child is too sensitive to get the attention of his parents. Most of the time, we neglect this fact by ignoring the needs of our children. It is due to the point of having a busy lifestyle, tough routine, several challenges about budget management, or somehow because of upset mood. However, it seems not a severe case but can become the most dangerous reality of our life.

I always admire to prefer our priorities. We all have them but not fully aware of how to set them or how to get them easily. It is now every day a brand new day for families. Covid-19 comes as a blessing in our busy or steady routine life because it gives us time to think about our priorities and asset(children).

An expert opinion:

As Dr. Rebecca Schrag Hershberg believes that one of the most important things right now is to be okay with imperfection:

“It’s challenging to balance all our responsibilities. Right now, parents are full-time professionals, full-time parents, AND full-time teachers. Naturally, that’s an impossible task.


There are many healthy activities which we can adopt to spend time together with children. Such activities are listed below:

  • Playing some physical games with them

We know many physical games, such as playing cricket in the garden, badminton, football, etc. Playing chess & ludo can also better as it enhances/boosts their mind level. All these activities can give you a kind of analysis of their physical and mental health as well as they will also feel glad for yourselves.

  • Start their project with them

It is the best time to think or ponder on your higher-level tasks or projects. Students of schools or colleges or even university students may have their assigned projects on pending. If you can do projects with your children in the spirit of a laugh and joy instead of focussing on getting them exactly right, the connection together with your child has an incredibly sturdy possibility to flourish.

It is the right time to start them all. You can help your children easily. Open your browsers and start searching about the brand new ideas through the internet. You can also visit your home library in this spare period and search through books for it.

  • Engage them in planting 

Plants are life. Human always finds himself as a nature lover. It is now becoming a vast and wonderful thought of planting at home and offices.

Many home plants can give you the inspiration to plant different kinds of plants. Such as vegetable plants that are good for health or flower plants that can amplify your beauty of the garden. You can find out your taste and then start planting with your children. It will be an excellent idea for you to spend time together with all.

2-Time with GrandParents

Most of the time, our grandparents are feeling shy to share their words and thoughts with us as we are not available to hear them all. It is probably a suitable time to spend time together with your grandparents. They have a lot of things to share with you. Our grandparents have their experiences to share or may have stories to tell you. They may have some great ideas for you also.

Just need to give some attention through table talk, they will enjoy it a lot.

3-Time in cooking together

Cooking is the best part for fun and health. Cooking with either friends or family always give you delight. We may serve happiness and smile with food. It is a way to show how much you feel care and priority for someone, among others. Therefore, it seems reasonable to prepare food with your family nowadays.

You will know about the taste of your partner and may have more love for you in his/her heart. We can make the best of this awesome time with the aid of looking to offer a few forms of shape or routine.

4-Encourage healthy online habits

Promote and monitor precise conduct online and on video calls. Encourage your kids to be kind and respectful to classmates, to take into account what garments they put on, and to keep away from becoming a member of video calls from a bedroom. Get yourself up to speed with faculty guidelines and helplines to document cyberbullying or irrelevant online content. As youngsters spend extra time online, they will uncover additional advertising and marketing that can promote dangerous foods, gender stereotypes, or age-inappropriate fabric. Help them apprehend online advertisements and use the possibility to discover what is wrong with some of the bad messaging you see.


Spend time together give you a strong relationship & benefits:

It is the fact that time is the first need of every relation. Being an advisor, I will admire you for spending these miserable days, such as mentioned above.







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