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Jack Ma Says, Life throws tantrums, Don’t give up – You have a chance

Jack Ma is the wealthiest person in China territory. He is also the founder of Alibaba Website, conferring the importance of helping the small businesses in every country. A prominent motivational speaker who is tremendously popular among the building business people for his outspoken advice and his acuity, Jack is the only one who gives the path to the many pupils why this internet, business, and the education is essential and should never be ignored.

Jack Ma's Quotes

He says, helping small business to grow, the country prospers, and it is a win to win situation for everyone.

5 Inspirational Quotes of Jack Ma:

Discussing the developing countries, Jack highlights the importance of the changes in maturity, and if they want to be efficacious in the future, if they give up, they have no chance. He also believes that in the importance of internet infrastructure.


Twenty years back, if the country did not have electricity, it was desperate. Today If a country does not have a good internet structure, it is hopeless. Says Jack Ma Jack Ma


Highlighting further on the internet’s importance, he stresses the importance of helping entrepreneur and raising the awareness of education in every country to prepare them for third industrial revolt.

In China, round abut 900 million pupils and now using mobiles. It is an opportunity for the world. Jack Ma


Speaking about the Alibaba, Jack Ma says when we started the Alibaba, we have a complete focus on helping the small business. Meanwhile, US companies focused on supporting big companies.

I spoke to 18 colleagues, I told them. We do not have any resources or even money  but succeed, 85% of people in the world will succeed, also have to believe in our self, our vision. Believe the future, work day and night. Say Jack Ma. Jack Ma


Talking about the opportunities, Mr. Jack said, the developing Countries love changes.

Every country I go, I convinced their government to work on the internet and also its infrastructure. If you do not work on it, are giving a chance to their people to make money and compete. Without the internet, a country is nothing. Said Jack Ma Jack Ma


Today the internet is on mobile phones. A smartphone is much more powerful than what a computer was 20 years back.


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