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What is Stress, its effects and how to overcome

Symptoms of Stress

Life of Collage is full of new experiences and discoveries as well as demands. In this way of life, many students Cause a feeling of stress and anxiety. Stress does not always have a bad experience in many situations of like it motivates us to do best and perform best in the most critical situations. When we are living under an eternal state of an emergency, our body and mind pay the price, and at that time, we feel a stressful life.

Stress is Cumulative, have different signs, “e.g.” Headaches, irritation, less proper sleep, and many more. When you learn to identify your signs of stress warning, you would know, these kind of symptoms are your body’s way to tell you to find a wat to less your stress if you can not feel such signs or will not find any solution then this can cause significant disruption like emotionally, physically and socially. It can also be implicit to over relationship, ability to concentrate, and communicate, and it can have a negative effect on our immune system, making us prone and illness.

The good news is that now we can protect ourselves from it by recognizing its signs and symptoms and taking steps to overcome its harmful properties.


What is the difference between Anxiety and Stress?

what is stress and how to overcome


Everyone has experienced Stress and Anxiety at a time or another in his or her life. It is the response to a threat in the situation, and Anxiety is a reaction to the it.

Common effects of Stress:

Our life is affected by Stress, we may experience mental, physical, and emotional systems. People with anxiety disorders may experience them in the absence of stressful experience while these systems are standard.


On Our Body: Muscle tension, Chest pain, fatigue, stomach upset, sleep problem, and change is sex drive.

Our Emotions: Lack of motivation, lack of focus on things — irritation, anger, sadness, forgetfulness, feeling overwhelmed, and insecurity.

Our behavior: Drug or alcohol use, sleeping too much or too late. Overeating, relationship conflicts, crying spells, and procrastination.


Stress Busters:


Manage to Stress is an important skill and how to figure out what works are the best. It is time taking activity. By taking care of our body and mind can cause a long way toward managing our stress level, and it also helps to restore balance.

Below are some suggestions:


  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Learn breathing/ relaxation techniques.
  • Pay attention to negative self-talk.
  • Talk to a best friend or someone can trust.
  • Laugh, by watching funny movies.
  • Take time for relaxation, fun, and hobbies.

    Getting Helps:

    Most of the students feel too tough as they can overcome such dangerous things. If excessive worry and if the stress impacts our life. This is the time when we get help. Mental health or physician can help us by identifying many treatment options which can help us to find relieve. There is a number of resources available they proved much more helpful for stressful patients.

    Resources for Stress and Mental Health


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