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Five different Home & Office Plants

Five Headache-Free

Five Headache-Free Greening SURROUND YOURSELF (Home & Office)

For a headache-free greening of your work-space, the leafy green plants are best, which doesn’t require much maintenance. The selection of plants should tolerate a wide range of temperatures & light conditions, as well as most of them even, thrive in dry soil, which means less frequent watering. So, keep that in mind, here are five natural plants having capabilities for surviving both outdoors in, and also come with air-purification benefits.



Type of evergreen vine with large heart-shaped leaves known as money plant in everyday language. They come in a large variety of beautiful light & dark colors. If we talk about it that what’s significant in them is how they can adopt different office conditions, whether you have low light or are fortunate to have a bright working space. They’re straightforward to care the reason is for as they’re resistant to insect infestations, and they never lose their color no matter how long you deprive them of light. Because of its air-purifying attributes, this plant was recommended in NASA’s Clean Air Study also. They thrive in evenly moist soil, but not drenched





Although this plant is known for being a beautiful table and counter-top centerpiece, it is also beneficent for the home office. It has incredibly low maintenance & thrives in low light to dark places. It tolerates warm and fresh air, too. While Kentia Palms grow tall as they don’t grow outwards, making them a great space-saving option. With long majestic leaf fronds rising from the bottom, the Kentia Palm is the ultimate statement plant. Surprisingly resilient and easy to care.



As a snake plant will help filter toxins in the air, it is an excellent plant for home office or anywhere in the house with little to no airflow. If you want the air in your office to be as clean as your desk, this is the best choice for it. Having properties such as they thrive in dry and well-drained soil, Sansevierias plants are better than other plant species




No matter how busy or forgetful you are, the Swiss cheese plant is another best option for you. It only needs watering every two weeks or so, and they can live happily in pots or hanging planters. They grow fast, so you need to make sure that you use a cup or planter with plenty of space. Also known as a plant of having excellent air cleaning properties.



Bromeliads require a bit of love and care at first, but once their flower blooms, they require little to no care. They grow in any container, as long as it has good drainage. They don’t need much fertilizer or plant food. You only need to water them every once in a while as they are extremely drought tolerant.



Use these plants to add some color, purify the air, and bring some character to your office space. For further details & more concern please click on











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