How To Make Computer faster

Today we are living in the fastest era (Technological Era). Everyone is using Computers in every field of life. Before talking to this matter (how to make our Computer machine faster), we need to know something. We see our life so much hard without using Computers. According to the research which had conducted in 2018, 96% of our life is surrounding in Computers. We are using this machine (office purpose, work, Homework, Schoolwork. Sometimes when we are using the Computers for some urgent work and the laptop freezes out, and it pisses us off so bad. I mean to say no one wants their computer machine to hang when he or she is using it for meaningful work.

There are many different causes of why your computer getting hang. Sometimes it can be caused by hardware issues, occasionally, if you have installed a corrupted OS ( Window) in your system, and I think the most common reason for the freezing system in Virus. But if you are not considering them to cause freezing computers or machines, then there are fixes available and that are most like to work for your computer.


Today we are going to discuss some ways that you can run your computer system smoothly and fast, and your computer would not free while working and you would not stop it in the mid of your work. Try these steps, and you will feel much more batter presentation of your computer.

Below are the some steps that boots up the Computer Performance.


  • Right-click on the window button on your laptop’s left bottom screen, type run on the search bar and then hit enter. A new popup will appear in front of you are you can see above. Then type temp, %temp%, perfects and again hit enter you will see lots of files over there, press Control+a it will select all those files and then delete all of them. After removing them, your computer will run fast.

  • Go to This PC or My Computer, then go to C drive where you have installed OS. Now click Properties, disk clean up. Wait till then it calculates, then click on OK. Do not be worry while doing this task. It will just delete all those files that are causing slow down your computer system. Now close the window once it finishes the deleting data.

  • Try to use always anti-virus software to make sure that your computer is safe and free from viruses. We browse the internet all day and install many files from there that contain the Virus. Not these all we do many things that can cause to spread the virus on your computer. Installing the anti-virus on your computer is not necessary since the window already comes with built-in anti-virus features Known are window security of defender. This fabulous feature is available in Windows 10, and it is much more best. We use this feature to scan our system.

  • To keep the window up to date is also very important because every new update comes with a new built-in feature and further bug fixes, which would help your computer to run faster. If your computer getting frees or reboot because of any bug, that latest update fixed that bug automatically.

  • Go to the task menu and then go to the startup; there you will see all apps that are enabled or disabled while your system is running. You can enable or disable any app that you want or think it is not necessary to get them started when every you turn on your computer.
  • Ultimately, you ought to usually permit your laptop to take some time besides up on every occasion you turn on your computer. Let it begin nicely load all it is documents and the entirety. just leave your computer for at least 2-three mins before you start working and don’t forget to refresh your laptop usually


Is how we can make our computer faster. We try these steps, and these helped our network to run fast without any issue. If you still face freezing or lagging points into your computer system, then we advise you to take your computer to the Computer Expert or service center to fix that issue. You can also try to reinstall your OS, and it will fix your problem. One important thing, try to install all those software that you no longer use and that you thing, is unwanted and unuseful.

We hope you have enjoyed this article. Please try to spread this if you find it useful.



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