How to Prolong The Laptop lifetime? [Simple Answers]

How long do laptops last,its Average battery life

To prolong the laptop lifetime: The Lifetime of Any laptop depends upon the number of different factors, and there any two altered types of outlet questions.

  • What should be the average lifespan of the Laptop?
  • What should be the average lifespan of a laptop’s battery?

If you are stumbling on this page. Then you are likely to look for the Answers one on those options. That is why we have divided this guide into two different sections. How to make Computer fast

If Section A, we are discussing the steps that help in how should Laptop long and how we can increase its lifetime.

And in Section B, we are talking about the steps that help in how should long laptop battery life (prolong laptop lifetime) and how we can improve its lifespan.

How long Laptop should last before replacing them?

Two other factors help to determine how much time we can you the Laptop before to outdate or become unusable.

  • The specific Hardware which uses in Laptop.
  • The nature of the task that Laptop performs.
  • How we deal with laptops.

Time to discuss these three points.

The specific Hardware which uses in Laptop.

The Hardware of any laptop determines how long it will remain. Hardware is the main factor that we focus on while we are purchasing. The best Process, Gaming Card, and also the RAM as well as Storage Hard drive. These are the things that include in Hardware of Laptop, which we focus on the best lifetime of laptops.

Here we are generally discussing the Laptop life, based on Price.

  • Less than $800 3-5 yeas.
  • $800 – $1000 4 -6 or 7 Years.

Note: this is the general discussion, which you can assume (in terms of a lifetime) out of a new branded Laptop.

It is very much effective to prolong the laptop lifetime.

The nature of the task that Laptop performs. It is helpful to prolong the laptop lifetime.

The task which consumes more memory know as a demanding task (gaming, video editing task, graphics, etc.) is perform on Laptop, less amount of time it will remain relevant.

On the casual side less demanding task help to a long-lasting lifetime of any laptop-like (emailing, web browsing, etc.)

A mid-range laptop should probably last around 4 -5 years, but again, it depends upon the use of it and the internal Hardware also.

These are the other factor which helps to determine the lifetime of Laptop is (running time of Laptop)

The more care you do of your Laptop, the longer it will remain.


In 2010 I got a brand new laptop price that was about ($8000). I had used this Laptop for mainly web Browsing, Emailing, and Graphic purpose, and some Casual Gaming Purpose.

In the mid of 2015, that Laptop was no longer useable.

The reason was that it’s charging pin was utterly damage.

The main reason why that is charging pin shot is I continuously plug in my Laptop on charging, and I forgot to unplug in when It reaches to the full. The computer was still excellent for casual work like emailing, web browsing, and watching videos. But its lifetime was lost because I do not care about it.

If anyone wants more lifetime of his Laptop, then make sure that you are taking good care of it. Below is the list of prevention tips, which you need to ensure for the better life of the Laptop.

How to prolong your laptop lifespan. 

  • Take charging cable out when it fully charges. Open your Laptop and clean it after two months.
  • Use a cooling pad underneath it.
  • Keep away any food and liquid from your Laptop.
  • Upgrade your Laptop while possible.
  • Use antiviruses ( I use webfoot).

How long average laptop lifespan should be last?

These are the tips that help to increase the lifetime of any laptop.

How long must A compute battery last (on 1 cell)

For this question, “How long must a compute battery last,” these come two different types of problems.

  1. How long is should it last on Single charge. ?
  2. How long will the battery last on before its complete die?





Average Single Charge time for a laptop battery life.

The average single charge duration of laptop lifetime can range quite a bit change. It depends on two things.

  • Type of battery that you are using on your Laptop.
  • The nature of the task which the Laptop performs.

The excellent of the pc battery is obviously going to depend partly on how a lot you spend on your computer. But, it’s vital to notice that even some of the more powerful laptops obtainable don’t come with batteries that shape the device’s price tag. So it is imperative to do your research before buying a computer and check reviews about it. See how long of single charge battery life you expect.

Overall, once a survey was conducted and concluded, the final result is, a lifetime of a laptop in a single charge battery is probably is about 2-3 hours or too high is 7-9 hours or more. If you have a high-quality gaming laptop you spend most of the time while playing video games on, you might be lucky to get 3-4 hours of playing the game before you need to charge it.

How to protract the average single charge duration for Laptop?

  • Reduce the brightness of your Laptop.
  • Minimize your browser tabs.
  • Turn the Wi-Fi off when you do not want to use it.
  • Unplugged your Laptop when if fully charged.
  • Carry a backup with you.


How to prolong the Laptop lifetime or battery Last (Until it’s no longer to use)

On average, a laptop battery ought to close anywhere from three hundred-500 full charges.

This quantity varies, of direction, based on the type of battery you’ve got.

And, it’s critical to notice that this range references full expenses. So, in case your battery gets right down to ~30% lifestyles, and also you feel it back up, that doesn’t rely on as a complete fee, however alternatively 70% of one.

So, in reality, there’s no date-based solution on how long a pc battery has to close. It sincerely all comes down to utilization.

Excess use your computer, the higher it’s going to need to be charged. And, the higher you price your Laptop, the shorter the lifespan your battery will close.


1. Can a laptop last 10 years?

Yes, absolutely. If you take good care of a laptop, it can last for more than 10 years. Usually, the first thing that gives out is the battery. And you can usually replace the battery or use your laptop plugged in.

Other things make a good laptop & a good laptop battery life, low price, nice and light, etc. All this is perfect, but strictly optional, especially since many compete directly with reliability and durability, especially price and weight.

2. How long do gaming laptops last?

Gaming laptops, then again, are one of a kind. They are built with great features, however, the nature of the traumatic video games means that gamers must anticipate a shorter existence from them.

Similar to the whole thing to do with generation, games additionally maintain advancing and getting extra overall performance-disturbing as time goes via.

And as they achieve this, gaming laptops want to be built with increasingly higher hardware to address the superior photographs. This is why even a number of the maximum advanced gaming laptops today handiest have a few years to run earlier than they start having difficulty walking more recent video games.


In case you want recommendations on how to extend the lifespan of your computer’s battery or to prolong the laptop lifetime, see the hints above on how to prolong a computer’s unmarried charge duration. The ones are necessarily similar matters that will help you boom the lifespan of your battery/average lifespan of a laptop.



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